Change, Neuroscience, Learning, Emotional Intelligence: NexusEQ Sparks

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A few highlights from NexusEQ: 260 change makers. 80 presenters. 50 cases. 32 countries. 3 days overflowing with sparks for positive change. What did we learn about neuroscience, learning, change, and harnessing the power of emotions?

Ken Donaldson‘s insight:

"We’re in a precarious place.  Environmentally.  Economically.  Educationally.  The fabric of our societies are fragile, and we’re not moving quickly enough toward sustainable thriving.  At the same time, we can see positive change ALL over the world.  It’s time to dig deeper.


We’ve set this vision:  1 billion people practicing the skills of emotional intelligence by 2039.  Maybe absolutely impossible, but what if?


And if we’re going to play the match, and do our best to see this come to life, we’re all going to have to reach a little further."

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