Life and relationship coaching
Speaker, community education and workshop leader

I have been based in Tampa Bay offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. I am a licensed mental health counselor; board certified as an addictions professional and clinical hypnotherapist; and certified as a master relationship coach. I am a graduate of the Institute for Life Coach Training and the Relationship Coaching Institute. I have been exclusively in private practice since 1993.

I founded The REALationship Coaching programs to provide coaching and education to help singles and couples live more fulfilling lives, and have the most intimate and lasting relationships possible.

I offer many workshops and personal growth programs. These workshops are for couples and individuals alike, and help you live the most passionate and balanced life possible. To see what’s available, click here.

The Marry YourSelf First! program for singles will help you have more successful relationships and a more satisfying life. The graduates of this program leave with a clear vision of who they are, what they want, and how to get it. Tired of the singles scene and want something new?…Get my book Marry YourSelf First! and begin living a life filled with Passion, Power and Purpose!

The Partners For Life programs for both pre-committed and committed couples provide the tools and resources to make sure your relationships are both lasting and fulfilling. Couples report that they have deeper intimacy and more fun as a result of utilizing the tools from these programs.

Also, I do a variety of different education presentations and I am available to speak to businesses and community organizations on a variety of personal growth and business improvement topics.

I am also very proud of my professional wildlife and nature photography career. I have had numerous photographs published and have received numerous awards. I teach photography classes and I also offer 1:1 and group outings in the field. Feel free to visit my photography website at www.KeniLeePhotos.com to see some of my work.

Looking for a more fulfilling and balanced life?… Check out my schedule of the Workshops and Programs for personal growth and development.

Call or send an e-mail to Ken@REALationshipCoach.com for additional information.

Onsite facilitator for small business development

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